Bombay TV


Topic : Why don’t you make dinner?

Target Age & Level : Adults  /  Pre-Intermediate

How to use :

After watching this short video (click the above picture), you can find answers for the following questions.

And then share your opinion in pairs or groups.

Questions :

1. What does she suggest for dinner?

2. Why does not she want to make a dish?

3. What does he want to eat for dinner ?

4. Why is she angry ?

With Stacy and Yulia

Digital Storytelling



Topic : What are you going to do?What were you going to do?

Target age: High-Elementary schooler to Middle schooler

 Target level : Intermediate (they’ve already know what continous form is)

Language skill: Listening & speaking

Linguistic features: Be going to~(present, past)

Objective :Students will be able to understand how to use  ”Be going to” appropriately.

Students will be able to improve listening skills and speaking skills by using this form.

How to use :

-Tell students about brief background of the video clip.

-Let them listen to the video for the first round(General question)

– Show pre-set questions on the topic(i.g. When was the time Sally was in the restaurant?)

-Check out the answers

-Have a post activity : using the form, be going to, student will have speaking activity.

Worked with Mia and Sally,

SKKU TESOL Promotional Poster


skku tesol poster

-The poster provides detailed information on 29th SKKU TESOL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM.

-The back ground image was used to demonstrate SKKU symbol which is a Ginko tree.

-This poster is not only giving information on the program but also giving fresh impression by providing new and fashionable design. This  up-to-date  design will be distinguished among others.

With Sally and Mia

Word Clouds

1111111111Highly used words in my Journal and  synonyms

People : folks

Important : significant, necessary

Speaking : talking

Structure : formation, arrangement

Make : create

Lack : shortage, need

Things : stuff, equipment

Means : way, measure

Skills : ability, knowledge

Think : believe, be of the view

Digital Storytelling




Topic : A Huge house chore or Getting freedom cost a lot

Target level: Adult pre- intermediate

Language skill: speaking & grammar

Linguistic features: You should do ~, You must do~, Will you do  ~?.

Objective :Students will be able to use   Auxiliary verb appropriately.

                      Students will be able to improve speaking skills by using auxiliary                                verb.

How to use : Before read a cartoon, teacher  shares teacher’s story with the topic of house chores to draw students’ interest. Teacher role plays  the story  with different voice. And ask students what does husband  has to do while wife is gone. Teacher makes students change the scripts in pair work. By having students role play the story , let students recognize the  usage of auxiliary verb.

with Sally and Mia ,